Revenue Recovery

Turning Denials Into Revenue


We Never Give Up When Our Hospital Clients Tell Us That . . .

  • Service wasn’t medically necessary

  • Patient could have been discharged sooner

  • Service wasn’t previously authorized

  • Patient could have been treated at a lower level of care

  • Treatment is experimental

While every hospital and health system is unique, we often see organizations struggling with clinical denials in excess of 5% of their total claims. We’re talking about millions of dollars of lost revenue.


Advicare specializes in overturning claims that are denied for medical or clinical reasons, and our results make a powerful, positive impact on the financial health of our clients’ organizations. Our clients:

  • Enjoy multi-million dollar increases in revenue.

  • Write off fewer claims

  • Show less bad debt on their balance sheets

  • See favorable trends toward fewer denied claims based on implementation of prevention processes

  • Relieve their own clinicians from administrative burdens so they can focus on patient care

  • Use valuable staff time for core revenue cycle functions rather than appealing cases outside of their expertise