Advicare Addresses Clinical Claim Denial Insights And Appeals Strategies In Series Of Webinars

Team Of Experts Covers Claim Payment Concerns Affecting Health Systems, Hospitals, And Healthcare Providers

LAKELAND, FL – December 9, 2020 Advicare, a leading clinical denial revenue recovery firm, is leveraging its expertise for a series of webinars this fall. Advicare’s singular focus on clinical denials puts the company in high demand for industry-facing training and teaching, and the company has prepared multiple state-specific webinars to address processes and appeals.

The December webinar, presented by Laurie Beck, BSN, RN, CCM, Advicare’s senior vice-president of clinical operations, and Stacy Gearhart, JD, LLM, CHPC, co-founder and principal, covers clinical denials for medically necessary care in the state of Mississippi. The prior webinar, presented in Illinois, addressed appeals strategies and legal insights with a concentration on state-specific regulations.

“Hospitals and other provider organizations cannot underestimate the importance of creating a plan for preventing clinical denials and for responding to existing denials,” said Stacy Gearhart, JD, LLM, CHPC, co-founder and principal of Advicare. “Helping clients recover more of their money by utilizing our proven techniques is rewarding and beneficial, and we are here to help our partners learn the ‘rules of the road’ to navigating claim delays and claim denials.”

Advicare’s webinars cover essential guidelines for personnel appealing, overturning, and preventing clinical denials. While rules and regulations help guide the relationship between healthcare providers and health insurers, unregulated areas create a crucial need for providers to understand the reason behind denied payment, as well as how to prevent clinical denials from occurring.

“State-specific guidance is crucial to prevent clinical denials and recover revenue,” added Bob Colón, senior vice-president of business development at Advicare. “Developing an appeals strategy to acknowledge and respond to denied clinical claims is the only way to encourage consistent growth.”

In addition to Advicare’s webinars, the pandemic has brought about a surge in interest in programs such as Work Queue Assistance, which supports temporary staffing for hospitals and healthcare organizations who face increasing numbers of clinical claims to process. The company steps in on an as-needed basis to assist when staff members are unable to work, and they return the work queue to the healthcare organization upon request. Other programs include a full-service clinical denial program, customized “safety net programs,” and post-payment audit plans.

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About Advicare

Advicare is a clinical denial revenue recovery firm located in Lakeland, Florida. The Advicare team was founded by three innovators – Stacy Gearhart, Gloriann Sordo, and Barbara Toole – who realized the need for a partner to work on behalf of hospitals and health systems to prevent and overturn denied claims.