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Let’s face it, the insurance industry is designed to limit payment to providers. But we know that’s not right. You have provided quality, clinically-based care, yet your claims are denied by insurance companies. It takes a strong, dedicated effort to overturn these clinical claims denials, and that’s at the core of what we do.

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It’s not easy. In today’s competitive healthcare reimbursement system, payors are denying more claims than ever. But you don’t have to accept that. Dedicating system time, resources and effort toward overturning denied claims with results that aren’t measuring up is disheartening. It takes a specialist, knowledgeable of clinical procedures and claims processing, dedicated to overturning denied claims, to recover for clinically-necessary care you provided.



for Clinical Denials



in Annual Write-Offs

More Recovery Dollars


More Operating Capital

Your health system can’t afford NOT to aggressively pursue overturning clinical claims denials. The healthcare landscape is too competitive to allow a leakage of reimbursement revenues for appropriately provided clinical services. Claims are becoming increasingly complex. Don’t let the complexity and resource-intensiveness be an obstacle. It is imperative to recover what you deserve to reduce revenue write-offs and keep your bottom-line up.

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It’s time to prevent and overturn denied claims to increase and accelerate cash, reduce write-offs and identify the root cause to prevent future claims denials.

It’s Time for a Change.

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Fighting To Overturn Denied Claims


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