Last week we reported that the federal government announced the organizations that have been selected to serve as Navigators for the Health Insurance Marketplace, opening October 1, 2013.  Navigators are the entities that are being trained to guide you through the insurance plan selection and application process for health insurance purchased through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Where to turn for InformationThis week, it is being reported that polls taken show that people are not likely to turn to Navigators for help when it comes time to purchase health insurance.  The polls show that people are more likely to handle things on their own or turn to their physicians or hospitals, friends and family, and even insurance agents.

If you are planning on buying health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace or your state-based health insurance exchange, start learning more about the process now.  While not all insurance marketplaces are set up and ready to announce the insurance plans that will be offered and the premiums that will be charged, they are ready to tell you how the process will work and how you will apply for coverage.

A great place to obtain information about the new health insurance marketplace is from your local library.  Many libraries are putting on presentations to explain how the process will work so people will be ready come October 1.  Be sure to take the opportunity to learn more.  Your understanding is essential.