Today we are going to give you the key to understanding the health insurance maze.   In a nutshell, it’s a WE thing.

Think about your last visit to your physician’s office.  Your physician does not handle everything alone.  He or she has a team of “experts” in their respective roles.  The receptionist handles your insurance information, a nurse takes your vitals, then enters the doctor who provides a diagnosis, and the cashier takes your payment and schedules your next appointment. And mind you these are only the people that you come into contact with at the office.  There are still individuals processing your lab work and updating your medical records.

Now think about your insurance company.  They too have a team of experts.  Some may consider the insurance agent as the first representative for the insurer.  There are the attorneys who analyze the laws and advise the insurer on what they can and cannot do.  There are the doctors and nurses who review medical records to determine what treatment is medically necessary and what is not.  There are technology people who work on the computers and systems that process the claims according to system rules. ItsAWeThing

And now think about you, a family member or a friend – the PATIENT.  Information is coming at you from all angles at a time when you are trying to focus on getting well.  Physicians are talking to you in their clinical language.  Physicians and hospital bills are coming at you in their financial language.  And your insurance company is sending you correspondence, Explanations of Benefits in insurance language.   Who are the experts on your team helping you?

The key to understanding the health insurance maze is that it is a WE thing.  Even at AdviCare we don’t navigate the health insurance maze alone.  We need legal experts, clinical experts, and coding experts to full understand the health insurance system.

Don’t go it alone.  After all, the other players in the game aren’t alone.